The Hozhoni Foundation's Residential Program seeks to provide alternative living arrangements based on the specific needs of the individuals we serve.

The philosophy of Self-Determination is central to accessing those needs. With input from the consumers, families, friends and involved professionals, innovative programs are created to maximize personal growth and the development of independent living skills. Comprehensive service provision includes the acquisition of medical care and other appropriate support services.

Additionally, social and recreational opportunities are provided to enhance the development of social skills and to encourage full integration and active participation in the community.

Residential Group Home settings are licensed and monitored regularly through the State of Arizona, with services being provided in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes and State of Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities/Department of Economic Security and Tribal policies. Full-time Medical Coordinators located at the Hozhoni Offices arrange medical appointments and therapies for individuals in the Residential Program.

The Residential Program, representing 82% of the total budget, employs over 100 staff and provides services to nearly 150 individuals in Flagstaff and Prescott.


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